Digital Storytelling Workshops

This website has examples and links to work made in digital storytelling workshops with Dani Landau and other UK based facilitators. For links to more digital stories projects from around the world try - Tech Head Stories or Story Center
We work with people of all ages to create short video pieces using spoken word, images, animation, and video. You do not need any media experience to make a story as you will be shown how to do everything during the workshop.
If you like this work and you would like to hold a workshop get in touch -

Red Cross / Red Crescent - Gathering Stories


by International Federation of Red Cross and Red Cresent Societies
Representatives of Red Cross Red Crescent societies form around the world met for a week in Mali to share and develop new workshops to use in their home countries. During the week they made six digital stories and helped make a participatory documentary about the work.
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Adisa Stories


by Project Adisa
Digital Stories created by young people from St. Pauls in Bristol who are part of a group interested in their African heritage commissioned by the Museum of Bristol
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How We Had Our Bowls

by the Knowle West Bowls Group
This video was made using both techniques from digital storytelling and also from documentary film making. It was Commissioned by Knowle West Media Centre.
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Our Community

Dundry fox story

by Teyfant Community Primary School Year Six
Stories set in three important local places
12 Animated Digital Stories available online
Stories require Quick Time
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Knowle West Stories

by the people of Knowle West
Stories created by people of all ages in workshops in the south Bristol area. At this website you will find some of the stories the makers chose to share with the public. Commissioned by Knowle West Media Centre.
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Bristol Stories

A large collection of stories commissioned by the new Museum of Bristol and managed by the Watershed Media Centre. Initial training was from the Story Center followed up by a number of further workshops for facilitators with Dani Landau. The project ongoing with contributions and facilitators from around Bristol
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uToo Malta

From attitudes story

by uToo young parents group
Comparing and considering issues around parenting in the UK with the situation of a parents group in Malta
1 text and image story online, DVD available on request.
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